Covid-19 Immunisation Centre — 4 Comments

    • All vaccinations at the Community Centre are by invitation only. If your daughter is registered with any of the GP surgeries in the Winchester City Primary Care Network (Friarsgate, St Clements and St Paul’s) she should be getting a text soon to invite her to make a booking (it may be worth getting your daughter to check with her practice that they have the correct text number for her if she hasn’t been in contact with them since she turned 18).

  1. I was contacted for first vaccination at badger farm (registered at St Pauls), but it is now past 12 weeks and I jhave not been contacted since for my second. What should I do?

    • All vaccination appointments are organised directly by the surgeries that are part of the Winchester City Primary Care Network (ie Friarsgate, St Clements and St Paul’s Surgeries). I have seen the following message from the PCN on the Friarsgate website: “Patients will usually be called for the second vaccine around 8-10 weeks after their first and this will be done automatically by their practice. If patients have not heard from their practice regarding their second vaccine at around 11 weeks please contact the practice to let them know.” I would imagine that this would also apply to St Paul’s so I would suggest getting in touch directly with your surgery (01962 853599).

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