Wessex Wolves Dodgeball Club is the biggest community dodgeball team in Hampshire – no previous playing experience required! 

We’re a 5 ball cloth dodgeball club open to all genders and abilities (aged 16+) affiliated to British Dodgeball, the National Governing Body for the sport in the UK. We’re proud to be a LGBTQ+ friendly club! Join us for training at Badger Farm Community Centre in Winchester (right next to Sainsbury’s!), Saturdays 5-7pm. 

What do I need to know about dodgeball before I start? 

  • There are 5 balls, and 6 players on each side 
  • Teams line up at the start, ready to contest the middle ball. The two balls on the left of your side of the course belong to your team, but you still have to run and get them! 
  • If you’re hit with a ball, you’re eliminated 
  • If you block a ball onto yourself or a teammate, you / they are eliminated 
  • If you catch a ball thrown at you, the person who threw it is eliminated AND you get a teammate back in! 

And that’s pretty much it! 

Dodgeball is a great way to develop your fitness at the same time as having loads of fun and relieving stress – who doesn’t want to throw a ball as hard as they can, right? It’s a fast paced, high intensity game suitable for everyone. Increase your reaction times, your agility skills, your cardiovascular fitness, anaerobic (i.e. explosive) fitness, balance, hand-eye coordination …  just to name a few skills! 

Check out our social pages to find out more: 

Facebook – @wessexwolvesCDC

                Instagram – @wessexwolves 

                Twitter – @wessexwolves 

Or email us at wessexwolvescdc@hotmail.com

Come #jointhepack 😊