Bushfield Camp Planning Application Workshop — 4 Comments

  1. I just don’t see that we need this facility in Winchester. Were have a massive new sports centre. We have several very good large supermarkets, we need to reinvigorate our town centre with independent shops not out of town shopping – we already have plenty at Winnal. Housing and schools we might need but there is a huge development still unfinished on the Andover Road. The current theatre and Library / exhibition space is under used so why do be need more and as for academic accommodation – really? Winchester University is already too big and cutting down on some of it’s best courses so we don’t need another education factory. It just feels like an excuse for a developer to make money and for us to loose a green belt and nature, Currently is is a great resource for walking close to Badger Farm and the city centre

    • Hello Karen,

      You raise some very good points. If you haven’t already, we would encourage you to also add your comment directly on the planning application (details of how to do this are in the post above). That way, we can be sure that they will be seen by the relevant bodies and taken into consideration in any decisions on the application.

    • Karen what is the large unfinished development on Andover Road? I’ll possibly mention this in one of my objection points. Thank you – I’ll be popping into badger farm today to show my support . I’ve been working with another group alongside this one and our biggest worry is time to get the objections in!

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