As of April 2021, the Systema classes will no longer be held at the Community Centre.

Systema Mid Wessex

On the last Saturday of each month, Systema Mid Wessex very much welcomes you to a  90mins ‘Breathing Class’ (1015-1145am), where participants have the opportunity to discover the benefits of Russian Breath-work practices.  Such engagement will allow you to discover greater internal relaxation, fluidity to movement, improved structure and reduced tension; effectively immersing oneself within the very fabric of Systema.

Systema is not just about physiology, but also the human psyche; if we learn to relax the body, we learn to relax the mind. Systema Breathwork provides you with the opportunity to both confront and manage stressful situations – that otherwise place stress upon the body’s functionary and skeletal systems. Various breathing drills and relaxation techniques will be performed. Each session is taught in a fun, engaging, but progressive style whilst enhancing the potential for both improved health and well-being.

Systema Mid Wessex is now an established club here in Winchester. Participants are able to benefit from health (and self-defence) practices associated with this age-old Russian martial art; its ancestry dating back over a thousand years.  Systema focuses on breathing, relaxation, structure and fluidity of movement; its origin founded upon those essential survival skills of warriors both on & off the battlefield.

Systema has evolved centred upon three fundamental values – Strength, Courage & Humility.  These values represent the physical, moral & spiritual ideals that should be applied on one’s journey through life.  Only by understanding one’s limitations can a person gain sufficient humility & clarity to be able to react and manage any given situation or event.

To ‘Know Thyself’ is a fundamental concept of Systema (‘to be aware of your own strengths and limitations’), and is paramount to helping one cope with the demands of today’s society whilst enhancing both psyche and health….”


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