What is Chat-Tea Café?

Enjoying and sharing a community feeling is something we can all benefit from and the Chat-Tea Café aims to provide just that in a friendly,  social setting. We offer an open invitation to those older people who might be alone in the community and who would like to join us from 2pm to 4pm on the last Monday of every month (except August) for a free cup of tea and a slice of cake. There’s no obligation and you can be sure of a warm welcome. 

2024 dates

  • 29 January
  • 26 February
  • 25 March
  • 29 April
  • 20 May
  • 24 June
  • 29 July
  • No August Café
  • 30 September
  • 28 October
  • 25 November
  • 23 December

Reaching the community one cake slice at a time!

There are many people who are retired or living alone in every community that would benefit from the opportunity to go out and engage with others. This is the chance for them to meet in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, enjoy a hot drink and slice of cake with no obligation. Should anyone in the community be aware of a person or persons in these circumstances who would benefit from getting out and enjoying a free cup of tea and cake, please spread the word and tell them about the Chat-Tea Café and/or contact info@chat-tea.co.uk, telephone 01962 868630 or visit the Facebook page!

Our amazing team of volunteers ensure the Chat-Tea Café is a popular and free enterprise serving those that might benefit from it in the community. We wish to reach out and engage with people where we can make a positive difference to their lives, providing a welcoming location.

5th anniversary

Monday 28 January 2019 was a very special and exciting day at Badger Farm Community Centre. It’s is the day we launched our Chat-Tea Café. This year, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Café.

Smiling faces at Chat-Tea Café

Chat-Tea Café 31 January 2022
Chat-Tea Café 28 February 2022
Chat-Tea Café 28 March 2022
Chat-Tea Café 25 April 2022
Chat-Tea Café 30 May 2022
Chat-Tea Café 27 June 2022
Chat-Tea Café 25 July 2022
Chat-Tea Café 26 September 2022
Chat-Tea Café 31 October 2022
Chat-Tea Café 19 December 2022
Chat-Tea Café 30 January 2023
Chat-Tea Café 27 Febrruary 2023
Chat-Tea Café 27 March 2023
Chat-Tea Café 22 May 2023
CTC 26 June
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