Chat-Tea Cafe Logo - Yellow Cup and SaucerChat-Tea Café at the Community Centre

Monday 28 January 2019 was a very special and exciting day at Badger Farm Community Centre. This is the day we launched our Chat-Tea Café which is a new initiative and will continue once a month on a Monday.

This is an open invitation to those older people who might be alone in the community and who would like to join us for a free cup of tea and a slice of cake with no obligation other than a warm welcome. Enjoying and sharing a community feeling is something we can all benefit from and the Chat-Tea Café aims to provide just that in a friendly,  social setting. There are many people who are retired or living alone in every community that would benefit from the opportunity to go out and engage with others. This is the chance for them to meet in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, enjoy a hot drink and slice of cake with no obligation.

Should anyone in the community be aware of a person or persons in these circumstances who would benefit from getting out and enjoying a free cup of tea and cake, please spread the word and tell them about the Chat-Tea Café and/or contact {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it} or telephone 01962 868630.

Our amazing team of volunteers help bake cakes and make warm drinks ensuring the Chat-Tea Café is a popular and free enterprise serving those that might benefit from it in the community. We wish to reach out and engage with people where we can make a positive difference to their lives, providing a welcoming location and who feel free and comfortable to join us once a month. We are confident that the Chat-Tea Café will be successful and will develop as positive news spreads around the community. We are aware that some may need help in accessing the Centre and again, please contact us if this is the case so that we can look into the feasibility of supporting all those that need it in the future.

Please take a look at the leaflet below to get a bit more information and forthcoming dates. We were very lucky to have a choir and a visit from the Mayor and his Deputy for our first launch!

We really look forward to seeing you. Also, if you are able to distribute leaflets locally to people you think would benefit from this great initiative, call into the Community Centre and see Jan who will be delighted to send you away with an armful!

Chat-Tea Cafe Flyer with yellow cup and saucer logo and dates of events.